Project alerts

Configure alerts for your projects

Projects can have a set of rules that trigger alerts when they are breached. The rules currently supported are listed below.

  • Issue progress duration: Be notified when an issue has been in progress for too long.
  • Pull request duration: Be notified when pull requests have been opened for too long.

Configuring project rules

To configure your project rules simply go to the Alerts > Rules section in the settings of your project.

You can then click on the Add new button to add a new rule to your project.

Once your rule is saved Squadlytics will monitor your projects and trigger notifications if rules are broken.

Managing notifications

To avoid sending you too many emails we check hourly for new alerts that needs to be sent. You will only receive notifications for projects that you are watching in your workspace.

You can turn off email notifications for alerts by updating your notifications preferences by going to Account settings > General > Notifications