Sending data with the Squadlytics CLI

You can send deployments data from any script with the Squadlytics CLI

With Squadlytics you can track deployment events to understand how often you release code to your customers and keep track of environments that have not been updated in a while.

The Squadlytics CLI is a tool that can help you send deployment events from your continuous delivery tools, or your deployment scripts.

Please note that if you are using Heroku you can use our Heroku integration to send deployment events to your projects.


You will need Node v4+ to be able to use the CLI.


To install the Squadlytics CLI simply run the command below.

npm install -g squadlytics-cli

Sending deployment events to projects

The following information is required to be able to send a deployment event:

  • Notification URL: You can find this URL in your project settings.
  • Application name: Name of the application you are deploying.
  • Deployment ID: A unique ID for your deployment. If you are using this ID again for another deployment then Squadlytics will simply update the existing information.

With that information you can send a deployment event from your script with the following:

squadlytics rec-deployment -a <application_name> -i <deployment_ID> <notification_URL>

Recording failed deployments

If you want to send a deployment failure just use the -f flag.

squadlytics rec-deployment -f -a <application_name> -i <deployment_ID> <notification_URL>

Bitbucket Pipelines configuration example

The bitbucket-pipelines.yml configuration below uses the Squadlytics CLI to send deployment events whenever code is deployed to the staging and prod environments of the acme-ui app.

In this scenario we're using -staging and -prod suffixes to indicate which environment has been deployed and we have configured the following environment variable in Bitbucket Pipelines:

  • $NOTIFICATION_URL: Notification URL of the Squadlytics project

The other environment variable $BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER is a default variable available for all pipelines.

image: node:4

      - step:
          name: Build and test
            - npm install
            - npm run build
            - build/**
      - step:
          name: Deploy to staging
            - ./
            - npm install -g squadlytics-cli
            - squadlytics rec-deployment -a acme-ui-staging -i $BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER $NOTIFICATION_URL
      - step:
          name: Deploy to production
            - ./
            - npm install -g squadlytics-cli
            - squadlytics rec-deployment -a acme-ui-prod -i $BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER $NOTIFICATION_URL
    - step:
        script: # Modify the commands below to build your repository.
          - npm install
          - npm test